SJY series hydraulic lift platform Operation Instruction Manual
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Hydraulic lift platform operation instruction
1.Hydraulic lift platform(hereinafter referred to as the platform),before  leaving the factory, has been inspection debugging,every technical indicator all reach the esign requirements.Only need switch on the power when using,hydraulic electric system does not need to  be adjusted.
2.Before using platform ,carefully examine the hydraulic ,electrical system.No leakage or bare phenomenon then can use.
3.When using platform ,four supporting legs should be firmly supported on solid ground(to walking wheels will leave the ground shall prevail),when necessary ,can use crosstie.
4.After platform empty operation 1-3 times then can load operation.
5.Load gravity should be in the center of the work platform as far as possible.
6.The dodge gate on both sides of guardrail,after being shut and locked ,then can work.
Matters need attention:
1.When using platform,work platform should keep level state.
2.When outdoor operations,wind is bigger,above 5m,platform should be fastened safety rope.
3.When platform is in the lifting process,it is strictly prohibited to all personnel to climb.If need maintenance,after platform rise and be supported  with something strong,then can work on the repairs.
4.After platform rose,shall not be mobile.if four supporting legs are not opened ,can not using the platform.
5.When platform is used ,it is strictly prohibited to overload operation.The load items should be safely placed on the platform, and shall not be mobile.
6.The hydraulic oil should be kept clean,can't mix water and other impurities.General every half year change one time,hydraulic oil general winter use 32#,summer use 46#.